Bonus 500% Up To<br/>$1,000 + 70 FS + 30% Cashback
Bonus 500% Up To
$1,000 + 70 FS + 30% Cashback

Andar Bahar in Ezugi

Are you an Indian punter who prefers to play Andar Bahar? Why don’t you try Ezugi’s Andar Bahar, a simple game to understand and play? Ezugi has made this easy game appear like an elegant and elite live casino product, a reason why you may want to try it soon.

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How to play Andar Bahar in Ezugi?

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Playing Andar Bahar in Ezugi isn’t a complex process, as you may imagine. Once you log in, you’ll see a brief description of the rules. To begin the game, click on the “OK” icon after the conventions.

The game begins with a dealer drawing the Joker card from the shoe and placing it face up on a table between the line that divides Andar and Bahar’s sides. The dealer then draws more cards until s/he lands a card with the same value as the initial one. Players that correctly predict the position of where the card will fall to win the bet.

Game Features

Andar Bahar is a chance-based game where a dealer places a card face up with players having to wager on one of the two piles: Inside (Andar) or outside (Bahar). Consisting of a deck of 52 cards, the dealer then deals the cards alternatively until a card appears, matching the initial card. The winning side is where the matching card falls. You can also enjoy the game live or even from an app download.

Return to Player

Andar Bahar pays out handsomely if you’re lucky, with the main game having an RTP of 94.85%. Side bets tend to be more lucrative, with an RTP of 95.57%.


Andar Bahar payouts in Ezugi are more rewarding for main bets. But for side bets, the payouts are different and depend on which one you choose to play. Small numbers come with a lower risk.

Pros and Cons of playing in Andar Bahar in Ezugi


  • Unique and exciting game (both live and super Andar Bahar)
  • Live chat option and professional Andar Bahar live dealers
  • Outstanding live stream quality, even from an app download


  • Main bets slightly inferior to live bets

Tricks and Strategies

A few helpful tricks and strategies can enhance your chances of winning Andar Bahar. According to experts, you may want to employ both the Martingale and the Anti-Martingale strategies. To be safe, steer away from the hot and cold strategy, which is more superstitious.

Tips for gamers

Below are a few tips for Andar Bahar gamers:

  • Try wagering more on side bets as they come with high RTP
  • Don’t chase your losses
  • Always wager at different operators for good deals


How to play Andar Bahar online?

Whether you wish to play Andar Bahar (super or live) online, you must find a decent site to play.

Is Ezugi Andar Bahar available in Kannada?

While live Andar Bahar from Ezugi focuses on Indian players, Kannada isn’t one of them.

Can I play Ezugi Andar Bahar in Hindi?

Yes, you can change the user interface to the Hindi language.

Does Ezugi Andar Bahar use standard Andar Bahar game rules?

Yes. And it would be best to stick to some rules when playing Andar Bahar here.

Is Ezugi Andar Bahar rigged?

No. As Ezugi states, the game, whether live or super, isn’t rigged.