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How to Play Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar or Andar and Bahar is a type of Indian online gambling that originated from Bangalore in India. This is a real luck game where the dealer’s deals a card face up from the deck of fifty-two. When the card is located on the table, players bet on either of 2 piles, inside or outside. The winning pile is where the matching card emerges.

Nowadays, you can find Andar Bahar at classic Indian casinos as well as internet casinos. Without any issue, this is a remarkable game to play and if you want to get started, you can keep reading this guide.

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Andar Bahar Rules

The general rules of how to play Andar Bahar are easy and follow to follow. The dealer begins by putting a card with its face up in the center of the table. The card is known as the game card and with that one, the primary round will be determined. This also shows how the game is enjoyed and when it will end. After the game card is dealt, the players turn comes. The bet means that you have to guess on which side following similar card will show up. The 2 sides, known in Hindi Andar and Bahar, create the game name.

Andar Bahar Rules

After the bet, the dealer begins dealing spreads at the table 1 card at a time, on each side. Until he or she finds a similar card to the game card, the cards will still be put on the tablet. If the player located a bet on Andar and the similar card to the game card is also andar, the player wins. But if the similar card was Andar and the player placed bet on Bahar, then the user loses.

Tips and tricks to play the game

So what can you do to raise the odds of winning at Andar Bahar?

Unfortunately for those that want to win huge, it truly is a game of chance. Unlike other casino games, where you might have to learn a technique or figure out a certain expertise, Andar Bahar is fully chance based.

But the odds are quite good. There is forever a 50/50 chance that the pile you pick will end up being the best one. There can only be 2 possible winning piles.

Unlike roulette games which have dozens of possible winning numbers, you just have to worry about 1 of 2 results. In many ways that is excellent, you are never far away from a win in a 50/50 chance game.

Andar Bahar got its title from “outside and inside”. If the middle card is black, will start on the left, if it is red, it will start on the right. Again, this would not hugely replace your odds. All you can perform is place your bet and hope for the best.

Tips and tricks to play the game

Andar Bahar Strategy & Tricks

The fun of enjoying any game is in the money that you can win. Lets us view how to win Andar Bahar. Adding an Andar Bahar plan is one thing that can help you improve your game. A plan, like any other internet casino game, is what makes a player a pro. The most successful technique to better your chances of winning an Andar Bahar cash game is to use a plan.

The Martingale strategy of Andar Bahar

Although the Martingale betting method was created for internet roulette, it may be used in nearly every casino game. When it comes to play game, this technique works the best. There is a high chance that the martingale technique will work in the game.

  • Two easy concepts underpin the Andar Bahar technique.
  • If you lose a bet, you must twice it for the next round.
  • Return to your starting wager amount once you win a bet.
  • Your primary wager will be determined by your bankroll or the cash of money you have on hand. You can play more strongly if you have more.
  • This is one of the most important things to keep in mind since if you begin with a big stake, your bets can become very big soon.

The cold or hot technique

When you play online Andar Bahar, you will view a table with the most recent Andar or Bahar winners.

Andar is generally denoted with a blue dot, while Bahar is denoted by a red dot.

The plan is founded on your core values, whether they are cool or hot. Players who trust in the cold approachable bet on the team with fewest wins, trusting that it would win shortly.

Users who go with the hot strategy bet on the team that has successes the most games and is currently on a thriving streak.

These tactics are fully dependent on intuition, and there is no wrong or right answer. It is just a matter of determining where to make your bets deliberately.

Andar Bahar rules variations

Like many famous card games, there is a host of Live Andar Bahar variations at various online casinos. Because of that, we suggest that you take the time to learn how to play at least 2 of the accessible versions. You can give it a try by placing the games for free. Once you trust that you are ready, you can begin to place bets.

Place calculated bets

Since this is a full game of luck, you need to be alert how you place bets. You can take the time to check out the ratio of winning card landing on the Andar or Bahar side.

For example, if the Andar pile gets the first card, there is a 51.5 percent chance of winning when you bet on Andar. With that, you can place calculated bets to decrease the house edge. This can help you decide on which pile side to place a bet.

How do you win Andar Bahar

Bet high on Andar and less on Bahar

Play Andar Bahr real money games with above three players, as it makes the game more amazing and raises the chances of winning this game. Bet a pretty higher amount on Andar than Bahar lower the house edges, improving your winning chances. This is not a 50/50 game so being flexible in your bets is the top Andar Bahar winning strategy. You have a 51.5 percent chance of winning Andar 48.5 percent on Bahar. The primary card in an Andar Bahar live casino will be on Andar, and the winning card emerges on Andar side. The low Andar payouts may dishearten you from betting, but you will win more.

Here are the payouts:

  • For bets of 1-5 cards dealt, the payout is x3.5.
  • For bets of 6-10 cards dealt, the payout is x4.5.
  • For bets of 11-15 cards dealt, the payout is x5.5.
  • For bets of 16-25 cards dealt, the payout is x4.5.
  • For bets of 26-30 cards dealt, the payout is x15.
  • For bets of 31-35 cards dealt, the payout is x25.
  • For bets of 36-40 cards dealt, the payout is x50.
  • For bets of more than 41 cards dealt, the payout is x120.

If the Joker card bet is below 8 and if it is a 5, then you can win the bet.

Here are the payouts:

  • If the Joker card bet is below 8, the payout is x2.
  • If the Joker card bet is above 8, the payout is x2.
  • If the Joker card bet is 8, the payout is x12.
  • If the Joker card bet is a suit, the payout is x3.8.
  • If the Joker card bet is a colour, the payout is x1.9.
Bet high on Andar and less on Bahar

Count and know the odds

As you know in the game there are 50/50 chances to win so players can stick to the game rule and continue playing the game. But discussing about the higher level you must know the odds. The game starts on the Andar side then the chance is to get a matching card than the Bahar side. If the dealing starts from Bahar then getting a matching card is higher at Bahar. Hence, on the basis of the starting side, the pay-out for the side on which the first card is drawn is ninety percent and on the other, it is hundred percent.

Count and know the odds

Increase the RTP by using bonus

When you pick an online casino for playing the Andar Bahar game then you also obtain some bonuses such as welcome bonus. So, it is best to use that bonus for raising the RTP (Return to Player) as no casino provides hundred percent RTP. So, the lower the wagering needs, the excellent is the gain and goes to player RTP.

Increase the RTP by using bonus

Try out the free demo games

When playing the game for the first time, play a few rounds of the free demo games to get the rules hand before playing with real money. This will help you figure out how to play the game and might support in winning when you play with real money.

Try out the free demo games

Consider table limits

Like all table games, this game has limits and expects every top online casino to set different restrictions. These limits are set to permit players to organize their stakes before the round is dealt. Sometimes, you might too involve in the game and end up with your bankroll limits. You have no problem betting big amounts if you are high roller. Anyway, little bettors need to watch out when placing side bets because they can immediately run out of cash.

Consider table limits

Master Andar Bahar strategy

Even though the game does not have unique techniques that you could use, you still need to master the game. Playing a few hands at a time permits you to learn the moves and place side bets. You also need to know how to calculate the odds at each table to decide your bankroll. You can begin by trying out on platforms that provide free demos where you can play without spending a coin. Then, once you are relaxed with your expertise, you can play for money.

Master Andar Bahar strategy

Avoid cold and hot strategy

In gambling, the cold and hot strategy means trusting your instincts when betting. This technique rarely works despite many punters advising it. Players who trust in this technique of the Andar Bahar game will bet on hands with most wins. They do this in anticipation that the hand will maintain its successful streak. Although some staunch gamblers may defend this technique, it is superstitious and should be reject at all costs.

Avoid cold and hot strategy

Know the game variations

When you play online Andar Bahar and live casinos, there are variations of the game accessible at some casinos. The game is the same and when it comes to variations it deals with extra bets that can be made and special side bets. When you get through internet an Andar Bahar table ensure you know if there are variations of the game in terms of bets and how the game is played, as the table should have all the rules for the particular game the casino offers. If there are extra bets to be made look into them in not just what they are but the payouts and odds linked with them.

Know the game variations

Have strong money management

This is not just a tip for gameplay but every single casino game out there. You should have a set bankroll for the game before sitting down at a table and the thumb rule in gambling is never gamble with high money than you can afford to lose. Andar Bahar rounds are very quick so you should have a per hand amount in mind before you enjoy the game. Also, never chase losses meaning betting more on a hands or hands after a string of losses, as that is the fastest way to get into a hole and the fastest way to drain your bankroll.

Side bets

Many lucrative side bets can be located during a game of online Andar Bahar. These fetch as remarkable as return as do the key bets and it is usually a best idea to get familiar with the bets on the tablet before the game begins. Andar Bhar provides equal odds of losing and winning. It is a quick-thrilling game with simple rules that keeps you entertained and exhilarated.

Apart from this, hopefully, after going via this post you will learn some best tricks to play the game and we want you all the best for your game.

Side bets

Best Strategies for Andar Bahar

Successful Andar Bahar players are those who formulate winning tricks in casino sites of their choice and stick to them. While there are several strategies that you may use to better your chances of winning, the following are some of the best Andar Bahar tricks.

The Andar Bahar Martingale Strategy

The Martingale strategy is ideal for games with a 50/50 chance of success, like the Andar Bahar wager. This betting strategy is simple to comprehend. First, each time you lose a wager, double it for your next round. Secondly, immediately return your starting wagering amount each time you have a winning bet. Many believe that this is the best strategy for Andar Bahar.


The Martingale strategy has two variations worth noting. There’s the Grand Martingale, where your wagering strategy doesn’t change, but you keep adding some extra amount to your initial wager each time you lose. Also, there’s the Anti-Martingale strategy, where you double your wager on wins and begin the starting bet upon a loss.

Grand Martingale Andar Bahar Strategy

Below is a tricks chart to the Grand Martingale Andar Bahar strategy for a better understanding:

  • Initial wager: ₹10 – Lost
  • Second wager: ₹30 (Double + ₹10) – Lost
  • Third wager: ₹70 (Double + ₹10) – Win

Anti-Martingale Andar Bahar Strategy

Below is how the Anti-Martingale Andar Bahar Strategy works:

  1. Initial bet: ₹10 – Win
  2. Second bet: ₹20 – Win
  3. Third wager: ₹40 – Lost
  4. Fourth wager: ₹10 – Win

The Hot or Cold Strategy

In most cases, Andar Bahar’s strategies rely on superstitions instead of statistics. In this strategy, you get to wager on what you believe to be cold or hot. The cold approach is wagering on the side with the little wins with the hope of realising some success soon. Those who stick with the hot strategy wager on the side with the most wins. Here, you mostly rely on gut feeling and nothing else.

Tips & Tricks for Newest Players

Are you new to playing Andar Bahar but wish to have the most wins? If your answer is yes, you may want to take advantage of available signup offers to start you off. Be sure you go through the terms and conditions of such “free money” before playing.

Also, you may want to register and play at different online casinos that offer Andar Bahar. That way, you’ll be positioning yourself to land attractive offers and other bonuses you may not find elsewhere. Here are additional winning tricks for new players:

Place Your Regular Bet on the Side Where the First Card Will Be Placed

As a new player, you may want to place regular Andar Bahar bets on a side where the dealer will put the initial card. Doing so will lower the house’s edge while enhancing your winning chances.

Double Your Bet Each Time You Lose

As briefly noted earlier, you should double your stake in case you register a lost bet. While you might feel bad, in the end, you’ll make a profit, no matter how small it is.

Make Small Bets

There’s nothing more dangerous than making huge bets, especially if you are a beginner. Start by making small bets as you climb up the ladder.

Master the Game

It would be detrimental to play Andar Bahar without mastering the ins and outs of the game. Make sure you know the rules and strategies to improve your winning chances.

Take Advantage of Sidebets

If you aren’t aware, winnings tend to be huge for Andar Bahar’s side bets. You stand a chance of increasing your wins as you place more combinations.

Manage Your Bankroll

Bankroll management is essential when playing Andar Bahar. Always bet what you can afford to lose, and make sure you stick to a budget.

Choose the Right Casino

Plenty of casino sites offer a game of Andar Bahar, but not all are worth your business. To enhance your winning chances, find a casino with decent bonuses and promotions to try your luck.

Beware of Table Limit

At times, you may be carried away while enjoying Andar Bahar to the extent of forgetting the table limits. You need to be aware of table limits as you’ll be able to stay long in the game.

Ignore Cheating Devices

You may be tempted to use cheating devices, thinking you’ll improve your winning chances. However, that’s not necessarily the game in the chance-based game that’s Andar Bahar. Don’t rely on such devices at all.